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Taking A Look Behind The Brands

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Natural Woman is a uniquely flattering clothing line designed specifically for the woman...the Natural Woman. The brand is full of new sexy styles, designs and materials. The brand makes for all levels of dress, the high fashion formal, semi-formal, casual and activewear, swimwear, underwear, wigs, shoes, pocketbooks and accessories. Yes, the elegant, silky soft and sexy fabrics, the styles and designs.................Oh Baby!



                 If anything......wearing the clothing behind this brand will make any woman look and feel just like a..........


                                                                                                 Natural Woman!

Natural Woman Silk Collection.
Natural Woman Denim Collection.

Natural Woman Wigs, Pocketbooks and Purses.


           Skin Tite:  She's a bad, bad, lady in her sexy skin tights, leggings and jeans!

Skin Tites are for any woman who feels she can wear them and wear them well.

Her height, weight, race, creed, sexual orientation, ancestry, religion, national origin or disability doesn't matter. In other words.....Skin-Tites lets you be you!

This extraordinary line of clothing and accessories offers women an affordable, stylish collection that will enhance her inner and outer beauty whether at the gym, office or just out running errands. The brand lends itself well for all activewear, jeans and more.



The phrase "Say It Loud" goes back to 1968, "Say It Loud...I'm Black and I'm Proud!" The song was written by The Godfather of Soul "James Brown". The term relates to the past and present struggles for racial equality and civil rights - focusing directly on the pivotal questions black America grapples with during the past four decades of resistance. 

In the song, Brown addresses racial prejudice in America proclaiming "We demand a chance to do things for ourselves / We're tired of beating our heads against the wall / And working for someone else." 

In 1967, African-Americans were still called Negroes. By the late 1960's efforts had been made to reclaim the word black. Brown blew the debate wide open with those 5 words "I'm Black and I'm proud."

Today, whether you are black, white, green or yellow.....whatever your cause or issues in life, let it be heard, just "Say It Loud!"

The best way to say it is on clothing, mainly t-shirts. With the "Say It Loud!" brand your company sales and margins will continuously soar!

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Moisture wicking fabric is a kind of fabric that is commonly used in workout clothing and sportswear because the material is designed to pull moisture away from the skin.  As such, the fabric draws sweat and perspiration off the skin and out to the exterior of the fabric. It is much easier for the moisture to evaporate on the surface of the fabric than when it is trapped between the garment and the skin. Moisture wicking fabric is popular for the construction of workout clothing because it keeps people comfortable while they are working/exercising. However, moisture  wicking fabric is sometimes used in the construction of casual and business casual clothes for people who need to look professional and put-together even in the hot and humid conditions.

In addition to keeping people comfortable while they are working out, moisture wicking fabric can also be important in the prevention of hypothermia. When people exercise outdoors in cold weather or participate in winter sports, they have to wear warm clothing, often in layers. Once they begin exercising, however , their bodies heat up and they may begin to perspire. In low temperature, it can be dangerous for sweat to collect on the skin.

Cold Sweat is the ideal brand for your active wear, sportswear and exercise apparel, for men, women, boys and girls.


Urban/Hip-Hop Wear

Let's talk urban wear. Over the years, urban wear/hip-hop wear has taken on a life of it's own. First, let's define the word JIT. There are several viable definitions for the word, let's use the street, urban definition.......Young person (male or female) between the ages 12 and 19.....a young JIT.

Urban kids (Jits) played a major role of the development, growth and success of urban/hip-hop wear. Hip-Hop fashion, also known as big fashion is a distinctive style of dress originating from African American, Latin and other inner city youth on the scene of New York City, later followed by Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay area, Detroit, Memphis and Atlanta and others. Each city has contributed various elements to the overall style seen worldwide today. Hip-Hop fashion compliments the expressions and attitudes of hip-hop culture in general. Today hip-hop is a prominent part of fashion across the whole world and for all ethnicities. Basically, jits (male and female) have created and have continued to infuse the hip-hop fashion industry. It is our belief that the company that manufactures and distributes apparel under this style and brand will benefit in a myriad of ways.

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                                                       You think you know the dance.......wait until you see the JIT! 

                         Urban/Hip-Hop apparel under the JIT brand will take your company places you never dreamed!

                                                                                                    Click on links below.

FLAME ON GOOD jpeg-001.jpg

When some consumers hear the phrase "Flame On!" they may think of the fictional super hero group The Fantastic Four's member Johnny Storm, better known as The Human Torch. 

When The Human Torch is about to activate his full-body flame he shouts "Flame-On!"

Now this is real life....real live definition for Flame On!: Whatever you do in life, Dr., lawyer, football player, teacher, meat cutter, regardless of what you do......right before you do what you's FLAME ON!


Most consumers who are familiar with American football are familiar with the annual NFL FOOTBALL COMBINE. This is an event where hand selected college football players come and perform athletic events, allowing NFL coaches and scouts to view their talents and perhaps they will be selected to play in the NFL. We also have the annual College PRO DAYS. This is also an annual event which relates to football. The main difference between The NFL Combine and College Pro Days is that the Combine is held in one location and is by invitation only (for players). Pro Days is for all players to participate and is held on their college campus. It is thought that players will perform better being  in a familiar setting.

                          Consumers love the opportunity to wear apparel that represent athletics, whether it's a team support or a related event.

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Tagline for Facilitator athletic shoes:  The shoe that's not for everyone, because everyone can't facilitate.

Facilitator athletic shoes are for the more mobile and athletic people, in basketball for the guards and forwards....the team facilitators.



                                     Sky King sportswear and shoes are for the athlete's who plays his or her game above the rim. 

                                                     Sky King Athletic Shoes:      One concern; Where Are You Going To Land?



Gravitate Towards Omnipotence.

The GTO name goes back to the 1960's with the big bad muscle cars. The GTO sportswear and shoes represent speed, strength and precision.


BF1 IMAGE (2).jpg

Hello, I'm Black Friday. I am responsible for all those great sales prices and bargains. Best of all, I will make a great pitchman for your company and products. I am also available in plush doll form. So what are you waiting for, give us a call.

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